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Debunking The Astros To American League Myths

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First I want to thank everyone for the grown up discussions in the comments regarding the possibility of the Astros moving to the AL West. Obviously a lot of you disagree with some of my thoughts but that hasn't stopped you from keeping the conversation civil. It's one the things that make The Crawfish Boxes so great.

If you haven't read a lot of the comments, we've been having a lot of discussions lately about the Astros potential move to the American League thanks to Mr. Gammons. During those discussions I've seen some misinformation argued. This article is intended to clarify some of that . If you've been keeping up with the comments this will be redundant but for those that don't read the comments this may be useful.

Myth 1: The Diamondbacks have said they would move to the American League.

Not true. I did see the article where it mentioned that the Diamondbacks would be willing to move, but then this article came out stating it was news to Diamondback CEO Derrick Hall. Maybe the Diamondbacks expressed interest about a possible move then realized they were dealing with MLB and needed a leg to stand on. Either way unless another team volunteers (unlikely) the focus will be on the Astros. I found this particular quote from the article interesting:

I would want to hear what our fans prefer.

Myth 2: There's no reason for any team to move.

There is, but you're not going to like it. Essentially Bud Selig and the rest of the owners want to add another wild card to each league. To accomplish this the players union has to sign off on adding another wild card. Well they're not going to just sign off something the owners want without asking for something in return. The players union want the leagues evened out. That means taking one team from the National League and putting them in the American League to even the leagues at 15 each. I guess you could technically say the players union is the one that wants interleague play nightly.

Myth 3: Selig clearly hates the Astros.

Yes he does. Of course he doesn't. Baseball needs a team to move to the American League. The problem is baseball can't just move a team to another league. The team has to be willing to move to the other league. An ownership change provides the perfect opportunity for MLB to have some leverage in getting a team to move. For a new owner to be approved he has to get 75 percent of the other owners to vote for his approval. Combined with Jim Cranes past provides Selig and the owners the perfect opportunity to drag their feet in an attempt to finagle Crane into approving a move to the AL. Ethically it's wrong but I don't really blame baseball for taking advantage of this unique opportunity. I don't blame you if you're upset with the strategy either.

Myth 4: Why not the Brewers? or any other team for that matter.

Path of least resistance. It's easier to move one team than two. If the Astros don't go to the AL they will most likely go to the NL West to reduce the NL Central from six to five teams. The Brewers are unlikely even though they have a history of being in the AL because of their proximity to the other NL Central teams. We can argue all day about logistics and the Astros getting screwed but for the other 5 teams in the NL Central their part of that area called the midwest and Houston is the uncool kid standing outside the tree house asking if he can come up. This is something you don't have to agree with but it's reality and it makes sense. Upsetting one fan base is better than upsetting two.

Myth 5: Tim is an AL loving whore.

This is true, but I'm not opposed to staying in the NL either.