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Super Sunday Links - Hall of Fame Edition

While Jeff Pearlman was becoming the Michael Moore of writers, I was putting together these delightful links. Yup you guessed it, a lot of Jeff Bagwell, steroids, and the Hall of Fame links. It's all gravy though and provides hope for the future.


Hall of Fame

Joe Blogs: The Willie Mays Hall of Fame
If you only click on one link, this should be it.

Steroid Speculation Keeps Jeff Bagwell From Hall of Fame | The Atlantic Wire
A nice round-up of articles involving Jeff Bagwell, Steriods, and the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame voters who leave off suspected PED users are hypocrites - MLB - ESPN
Jim Caple discusses the hypocrisy of writers not voting for those who have used steroids.

Change will roll into the Hall, someday - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
If I could in some way add sound to this it would be applause.

Castrovince: Jeff Bagwell will be elected into the Hall of Fame | News
The voters become the subject matter of the Jeff Bagwell debate.

Mariners Blog | Jeff Bagwell poses new problem on an ever-complicated Hall of Fame ballot | Seattle Times Newspaper
A no vote for Bagwell, that I can respect.

Joe Blogs: Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Hall of Fame. Joe Posnanski. That's all you need to know.

One man's guide for picking Hall members
Ken Davidoff explains his approach to the Hall of Fame vote.

Astros County: Jayson Stark perpetuates the oh-so-vicious cycle
Astros County take on a Jayson Stark piece in which he discusses who's responsibility it is to set guidelines for the steroid issue.