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Super Sunday Links 30 Jan 2011

While Wandy was signing a three year contract to stay with the Astros, I was putting together some tasty links for your inhalation.


Fernando Abad

Appy Astros: Abad Coming Into His Own?
AppyAstro covers the exploits of Abad during the Dominican Winter League

Abad has no-hit stuff in Dominican playoffs | News
Astros left-hander Fernando Abad pitched six nearly perfect innings Friday as the Toros won Game 3 of the Dominican Winter League Finals.



The 'Map of Shame' in major league baseball | Baseball | - Houston Chronicle
Zach Levine creates a map of shame for baseball

Return Of The Two-Division Format, Part 3 | FanGraphs Baseball
Part 3 of the two-division format.

Book reveals 'secret' of home-field edge - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
A new book is coming out in which they study home field advantage.



Blogs | FanGraphs Sabermetrics Library
Looking for an explanation on some of the stats used on FanGraphs? Well look no further FanGraphs has implemented a library for their stats.