Drayton McLane Loves The Crawfish Boxes


From an interview with Alyson Footer by Rich Malley: Interviewer: What kind of relationship do you have with the Astros fan sites? Footer: "Well, we like them. We are pro fan blogs. We have three main ones in Houston. Interviewer: I’m a Crawfish Boxes guy. Footer: We like them. Drayton (team owner Drayton McLane) really likes them. So when Drayton likes them, we like them. (laughs) Interviewer: That’s interesting, because they’re pretty hard on him. Well, he has a lot of respect for the amount of content they produce and the quality of the analysis. (AA:emphasis mine) I mean, they’re hard on him, but they’re basing their opinions on factual information, and they’re drawing their conclusions on something more than, "This guy stinks!" Drayton’s whole philosophy is, he wants people to talk about his team, whatever they’re talking about. So if you get like-minded people that are talking about the team, that’s the goal of any franchise."