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The best articles of TCB 2010

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While you were bringing in the New Year with paper hat's, kisses, and those annoying sound makers I was compiling the best articles and FanShots from this past year.



The 2010 Astros according to the clack/DQ projection system (and the return of the community projection project)
Stephen and Clack throw their hat into the projection ring.



TCB's official Eff-you to Ed Wade haters
Stephen takes on Ed Wade haters.

The Astros bullpen in 2011: Not just good for Ed Wade jokes
Evan thinks the bullpen for 2011 is in good shape.

Can the Astros pull off a Padre-like turnaround in 2011
Timmy dives into what it would take for the Astros to produce a competitive season in 2011

Methylhexanamine: A Banned Substance?
Subber10 takes a more in-depth look at the substance that got three Astro Minor League players suspended.



TCB Interviews Writer Brian McTaggart
The Crawfish Boxes interviews beat writer Brian McTaggart about the team, his background and what the future holds for Houston.

TCB Interviews Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence talks about joining the ranks of social media, losing Oswalt and Berkman and what it's been like with Bagwell as hitting coach.

The Season

Let it all out: Astros now 0-7, Time for some TCB React!
Evan allowed everyone to vent their frustration at the atrocious start to the season.

This is The Day: Bud Norris, Jeff Keppinger lead Astros to first victory of the season
Evan finally get's to write a positive recap after the Astros first win of the season.


Player Profiles

Back to the Future with Lance Berkman
Clack looks at what we can expect from Berkman as he ages. Which becomes even more prevalent considering the Astros will now be his opponent.

Brett Myers: can he make a comeback? - The Crawfish Boxes
Clack looks at what it would take for Brett Myers to make a comeback. Mission accomplished.

The Astros and the Rookie of the Year award - The Crawfish Boxes
How does Chris Johnson stack up to Astro Rookie of the Year candidates in the past.


2010 Draft

Grading the Astros Draft, Pick by Pick
OremLK stamps his grades on the Astros most recent draft.

Could 2011 be the year we stop rationalizing the Astros' drafts?
Stephen discusses the draft and also provides links to all the great draft coverage TCB had this year.


Trade Deadline

To Trade or Not To Trade: Roy Oswalt, Part II
David takes a look at who to trade Roy Oswalt to.

Should Roy Oswalt approve a trade to the Phillies?
Stephen looks at whether or not Roy should approve a trade to the Phillies.

What does the Roy Oswalt trade tell us about the Astros future?

Stephen looks at the direction the Astros are taking after the trade of Roy Oswalt


Minor Leagues

What does Shuckers Future hold in Houston?
Subber10 takes a look at JB Shuck this offseason.

Astros of the Future - Midseason 2010
OremLK looks at who may be manning the diamond for the Astros in the future.



An Astros Fan's Trip to Whataburger Field
David takes a trip to Whataburger Field.

Tweeters: Not Just For Your Stereo Anymore
AllPhilla wonders what if some Astros had twitter.