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Super Sunday Links 16 Jan 2011

While Michael Bourn was scarfing $6,000 worth of breakfast, I put together some inexpensive links for your viewing pleasure. As always if you have a link to add post it in the comment below.


Hall of Fame

Baseball Writers Deem Bagwell “way, way too hot” for Hall | River Avenue Blues
Brilliant piece by Brock Cohen at the YES Network, about Bagwell and the Hall of Fame voting.



Astros veterans, youngsters undergoing strength and conditioning drills | News
Many of you have probably already read this article, but I can't help but feel good about the work these players are putting in.

McLane: "I will be owner" when season starts in April | | - Sports - Baseball
The future is hard to predict, but Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane is certain he will still be the owner when the team opens up the 2011 season in Philadelphia on April 1st.



Appy Astros: Baseball America's Top 10 Full of Former Greeneville Astros
AppyAstros talks about the connection between Greeneville and the top 10 prospects list released by Baseball America's.

Appy Astros: Nine Questions for Jose Altuve
Appy Astros does an interview with Jose Altuve.


Between the Lines

Benefit of the Doubt: Fuzzy Corners - Beyond the Box Score
 A look at the relationship between the perspective of the umpire, the location of the pitch, and the likelihood of error and degree of bias.