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Random Astros Friday Discussion Question

Last season, there were a few dominant storylines for the Houston Astros. Roy Oswalt asking to be traded. Lance Berkman's option being picked up. Brad Mills and the eight-game losing streak. By the end of the season, it had shifted to the youth movement and guys like Chris Johnson.

Let's turn the focus to next season, shall we? What will the biggest subplot be in the 2011 season be? Will the impending sale be the big story? Zachary Levine did a good job running down where the team is at compared to some of the other sales. If the team gets sold before next spring, would that define the next two years?

Or, will it be player driven? Is there one lever in this crazy roster-machine that can turn the Astros season around, like Carlos Lee turning back into a hitter?*

*I really, really hope Justice was channeling more of that caustic wit in his Lee post. Maybe he was making the point that Mills needs to hold him accountable without actually saying that. I hope the Texas Sportswriter of the Year would do that, anyways.

On a minor note, what if they bring up Jordan Lyles or one of the other minor leaguers? How good would they have to be to define the season?