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Astros Steal Series, Shut Out Cubs 4-0

Who knew? When the Astros started spring training back in March, I'm pretty sure they didn't have this equation for wins:

Brett Myers Start + Hunter Pence HR = Astros Win!

We've talked before about Myers' streak of six-inning starts, which he extended to 29 games with this one. We've also talked about what a good offensive night from Pence means for the Astros in the win column. What I'd like to to talk about here is which one of those two could be considered the Astros MVP this season?

I'd make a case for Myers, since he's consistently been one of the best pitchers in the rotation all year, while Pence just turned his season around three months ago. I'd be persuaded either way, and we've still got time to decide it, but what do you all think? Who's been more valuable?