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TCB Coming Straight To Your Ears In First Podcast

That's right. We did it. Seemed like all the other cool kids were doing things like a podcast, so we decided there's nothing you TCB readers would like more than to hear more of our opinions. But, instead of just reading about them, you can take us anywhere you want and listen to us talk about the Astros farm system in this very first TCB Podcast.

As part of this Prospect Week, we wanted to kick things off with a discussion on the list of prospects the writers graded. That podcast turned into nearly three hours of material, so we're splitting things up.

First up, today's podcast talks about the list in general and some of the prospects from the past couple of seasons who made the list. We also discuss the virtues of Omar Epps' style in Major League II, if Corpus Christi could be a Triple-A affiliate and more.

Check out the TCB Podcast No. 1 Part 1 here. Look for another post Wednesday with Part Two, where we discuss the 2010 first-round picks, minor league defensive numbers and lots of geeky stats talk. We should also have an iTunes subscription set up sometime soon, but apparently, we have to post audio content here first. The nerve of Apple...