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Fun Friday Links 17 September 2010

A realization just occurred, since the inception of this regular links dump post the Astros have gone 17-8. Including the sweeping of both the Phillies and Cardinals. I won't take all the credit, but any cookies or gifts can be sent to my home address. Coming to my house and giving me a hug are also welcome, just make sure you're wearing pants.

Major Leagues

The Astros' 2011 Rotation: MLB Rumors -
MLBTR takes a look at next years starting rotation.

Playing the God of Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball
Maury Brown at FanGraphs discusses the changes he'd make if he were in charge.



Joe Posnanski " Blog Archive " Why I Like WAR (with Poker talk)
Posnanski gives his perspective on WAR and explains why he likes the stat.

WAR without the defense (oWAR) & WAR with just the defense (dWAR) " Baseball-Reference Blog " Blog Archive
Baseball Reference has decided to add oWAR and dWAR to their statistics. oWAR covers a players value offensively and dWAR covers a players value defensively using their TZ defensive metric.

Updated In-season 2010 (and 2009) Park Factors " Baseball-Reference Blog " Blog Archive
This should add a little fuel to the bonfire that is the Felix Hernandez vs CC Sabathia CY Young debate.


Minor Leagues

The Minors in Context: Introduction | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs takes a look at the pitching and run environments for the Minor Leagues.

Astros County: Interview: Brandon Barnes
Astros County does an interview with Minor Leaguer Brandon Barnes

For Pankovits, ValleyCats’ crown is title of a lifetime - Mark McGuire - Mark McGuire on local, regional and national sports - - Albany NY
I had no idea that Pop Fisher coached the ValleyCats. Where was the mention, though, of the Judge trying to buy out Pop's shares? (h/t to Astros County)


TCB Twitter Follow Friday

Twitter / Peter Gammons:
Astros started 17-34, Brad Mills overhauled, 50-39 since June 1. He has to be NL Mgr. of the Year

Index of TCB's articles from prospect week after the jump

The Crawfish Boxes' Top 30 Prospect List - The Crawfish Boxes


Rookie Review

Rookie Review: Tommy Manzella - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Felipe Paulino - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Angel Sanchez - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Wilton Lopez - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Jason Castro - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Bud Norris - The Crawfish Boxes

Rookie Review: Chris Johnson - The Crawfish Boxes


Minor League Team Review

Round Rock Express Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Corpus Christi Hooks Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Lancaster JetHawks Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Lexington Legends Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Greeneville Astros Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Gulf Coast League Astros Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes



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