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Brandon Lyon Is Our Undoing, Astros Lose 6-3

Losses hurt. Most of them are understandable, though. Sometimes, a pitcher will just shut the Astros down. Other times, a guy will hit a good pitch for a home run.

Games like tonight, though? Those are the worst. It's almost as bad as losing to the Cardinals or the Cubs. Brandon Lyon committed his own error, which let two runs score. That was the difference, one bad play. This wasn't the Dodgers beating the Astros. This was the Astros beating themselves.

Sure, the offense could have been better. Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee both went 0-fer. Chris Johnson didn't even play in the game. MIchael Bourn at least picked up a triple and a walk while Angel Sanchez was 2 for 4 with a double.

The other galling thing is the Astros wasted a Brett Wallace home run. Sure, it was a solo shot and sure, it was only his second of the season. But, it shouldn't have been wasted.

That's the problem with errors late in the game. They make you think everything leading up to that point was a waste. I'm not convinced that the Dodgers wouldn't have scored in that inning if Lyon hadn't committed his error, but it certainly didn't help. The Astros still struggled to score runs, but teams just can't give runs away.

So, the Astros now have to win Sunday to split the series.