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Fun Friday Links 10 September 2010

It is time again for the Fun Friday can calm down grandma. Grandma always get's excited about these links. With the ending of the Minor League season sans Tri-City we've pumped out a tremendous amount of material for your viewing pleasure. After the jump there will be an index of all the prospect week articles from this past week. Our follow friday is a shameless plug for reasons to follow the writers at TCB.



The Astros’ Rotation is Good | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs just now figuring out the Astros have a good rotation.

Alyson's Footnotes: Was that Miss Piggy and Super Mario walking the streets of Chicago? Nah. Those were your Houston Astros.
Gotta love rookie hazing.


Non-Astro links

How unlikely is Chris Sale? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Dear gods, what if Ed Wade isn't talented at finding relievers? What if it's just really, really easy? On the flip side, if teams did have 30-man staffs, and Wade is a savant at finding relievers, would the Astros staff be the best in the league?

Managerial chaos! Ok, maybe not, but it's fun to consider | HardballTalk
So, let me get this straight. I'm still not rid of TLR being in my life. I get a break from Dusty for most of the season but I have to add Torre? FML

MLB needs to add another wild card to its playoff system - Tom Verducci -
Verducci has an interesting proposition to inject some life into today's baseball.


TCB's Twitter Follow Friday 


Twitter / Stephen Higdon:
Even having met him, I believe it RT @_ymmit: I think @MDavidColeman is secretly a robot from the future here to destroy Richard Justice.

Twitter / David Coleman:
@stephenhigdon @_ymmit Just b/c I was working and not on twittter last night, don't think I've forgotten your japes. You are on my list...

Twitter / timmy!:
@MDavidColeman @stephenhigdon robot translation - "you will be DELETED!"


The Crawfish Boxes' Top 30 Prospect List - The Crawfish Boxes

Minor League Team Reviews

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Corpus Christi Hooks Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes

Lancaster JetHawks Season Review - The Crawfish Boxes


Rookie Reviews

Rookie Review: Tommy Manzella - The Crawfish Boxes

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Rookie Review: Angel Sanchez - The Crawfish Boxes



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