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Astros Sunday Minor League Recap

I want to talk real briefly about this article from the  It was put up on Friday I think but I jest now got around to really reading it and puting some thought into it.  It's primarily about Stephen Strasburgs injury but does spend some brief time about how the Astros are working to help prevent these type of injuries.  They try to manage it from outing to outing it seems and not allow a young pitcher to have two stressful starts back to back.  While I agree with that philosophy, I still think the overall innings need to be kept in mind as well.  But, this one quote from Tal Smith left me feeling quite iffy.

"Even with the emphasis on training, we have more injuries, which doesn't make sense," he said. "We used to take kids who were 17 and 18 and have them pitch on four-day rotations. The workload is not as severe.

"With that, and with training methods, you'd think injuries would be reduced, but they're not."

Now, I'm not sure exactly what he means by the four-day rotations and that making the workload less severe.  The workload of each game would have to be dramatically reduced.  But, the way I read it is that it was normal outings on four days rest which would be a higher workload, and that doesn't lead to reduced injuries.  I need to hear more from Smith on the subject, but that comment makes me a little nervous about him being so high in the organization.  I could be reading this completely wrong though.

Round Rock lost 11-3

  • Shane Loux (5.73)-4 IP, 12 H, 10 R, 6 ER, 0 BB, 1 SO, 2 HR
  • Jack Shuck CF (.284)-2-4, BB, SO
  • Matt Downs 2B (.248)-1-4, 2B, BB, SO
  • Collin DeLome LF (.223)-1-4, HR
  • Ozzie Navarro 3B (.269)-1-3, 2B, BB, SO

Corpus Christi lost 5-3

  • Dallas Keuchel (5.09)-6 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 3 SO, 1-3, 2B, SO-Two of the walks were intentional and had eleven groundouts to just four flyouts.
  • Wladimir Sutil SS (.276)-2-5, SB
  • Jeff Kepinger 2B (1.000)-1-1, BB
  • Jonathan Gaston CF (.247)-1-2, 2 BB

Lancaster lost 4-3

  • Ross Seaton (6.43)-6 1/3 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 BB, 4 SO-He induced ten groundouts to just five flyouts.  Excellent!  Thats something he has been needing to do more of.
  • Brian Pellegrini 1B (.277)-2-4, 2B, SO
  • Mike Ori DH (.283)-2-3, HR
  • Bryce Lane LF (.360)-2-2, CS


Tri-City lost 5-4

  • Robby Doran (4.30)-5 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 SO
  • Murilo Gouvea (6.69)-3 1/3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 8 SO
  • Tyler Burnett 3B (.253)-2-5, 2 2B, BB, SO, CS
  • Marcus Nidiffer 1B (.315)-1-6, 2B, 3 SO
  • Mike Kvasnicka RF (.223)-0-3, 2 BB, SO
  • Chris Wallace C (.186)-1-3, HR, BB

Greeneville lost 5-4

  • Garen Garcia (3.86)-3 1/3 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 SO, 1 HR
  • Rodney Quintero (2.45)-2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 SO
  • Delino DeShields Jr. CF (.322)-2-5, 2 SO
  • Jonathan Merritt SS (.237)-1-3, 2 BB, 2 SO
  • Rafael Valenzuela 1B (.283)-1-4, 2B, BB, SO
  • Chris Lovett DH (.157)-0-4, 4 SO-Designated strikeout.
  • Hector Rodriguez 3B (.306)-2-4, SO

GCL Astros-Season is over