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Astros End Road Trip In Disappointment, Lose 5-1

I'd say something snappy like, "This is what happens with young teams. They're wildly inconsistent, especially away from home."

The only problem with that concept, especially on Sunday, is that it was Geoff Blum in the middle of a crucial play in the second inning. All 37 years of Geoff Blum, letting a two-run single scoot by him. What really hurt about this play is that it could have been a double play, which would have ended the inning. Of course, Norris would have never been in position to get hurt if he hadn't walked two and given up a double before Dickey's single. 

Norris had a bit of a regression in his start today. He failed to get out of the sixth inning and, though he struck out five, he also walked three and gave up eight hits. He also gave up nine fly balls to just six grounders, which is not a recipe for success. 

Getting back to Blum, he was 2 for 4 with a double and a strikeout. But, would the Astros have been better served to start Sanchez at second? Heck, would they have been better served with Anderson Hernandez there? Both of those guys are probably a bit of an offensive dropoff from Blum, but their range is markedly better. I'm sure Mills started Blum because he's got more experience facing the knuckleball, but Norris could have really used the better defensive lineup.

Let's not forget a 2 for 4 afternoon for Jason Castro, who also doubled and scored the Astros only run. It was his fifth multi-hit game since being called up, but three of those came in August. You can set arbitrary time frames for any baseball stat to make a guy look hot, but I think this is a good sign for Castro. 

Now, the Astros return home to face St. Louis. It's going to be a tough week of baseball, but hopefully the Astros can still play spoiler to the playoff teams.