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Astros Sweep Phillies, Win 5-1

This has been an unbelievable series from the first game to the last. I can't believe so many different things have happened, but most of all, that the Astros swept a contending team and knocked them (temporarily) out of the playoff picture. Because of Houston, San Francisco has the wild card lead now. Crazy, crazy stuff.

I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems like Michael Bourn was playing out of his mind this series. Like, he was doing to the Phillies what Jim Edmonds usually does to the Astros. Today, he went nuts on the bases, stealing two, beating out an infield single and scoring from second on another infield single. One of his stolen bases happened when the Phillies tried to pick him off and he just sprinted to second ahead of the tag. He did finish 7 for 20 with a home run, four runs scored and four stolen bases. That's after he was 17 for 67 in August coming into the series. He now has 14 stolen bases this month in 16 attempts and leads the National League with 44. That's not even counting his defensive efforts. So, yeah, Bourn made the Phillies pay in this series and it was sweet.

Wandy Rodriguez also looked very good, striking out six in seven innings of work while allowing five hits, one run and a walk. He picked up his 10th victory of the season for Houston and is the first Astros pitcher to break double-digits in the win column this year. Jeff Fulchino and Fernando Abad were solid in locking down the eighth and the ninth innings, continuing a trend of excellent relief work in this series.

I have to say, I haven't been this satisfied about a series in Philadelphia since Biggio hit that game-winner off Billy Wagner in 2005. It was the first time since 1999 that the Astros swept a four-game set in Philly, too, which put a little twinkle in Ed Wade's eye, according to Alyson Footer.

Good win, guys. Let's keep it rolling against the Mets, huh?