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Astros Take A Halladay, Win 3-2

What a weird game...and series for that matter. Not only did the Astros beat Roy Halladay (who's been unhittable lately), but Michael Bourn hit a home run. Bourn also came darned close to hitting another one in the eighth, but the ball bent just foul around the right field pole. 

Hunter Pence and Chris Johnson provided the rest of the offense, as Pence hit his 20th homer of the season and Johnson doubled to right before scoring on a Humberto Quintero single. Both Pence and Bourn were 1 for 4 while Johnson was 2 for 4 and Quintero was 2 for 3.

Speaking of Quintero, is there any defensive player that's more on fire? That pickoff play on Ben Francisco wasn't so much about speed or a great throw, it was just a heads-up play. Q saw Francisco was slow getting back to third as he picked up a ball in the dirt. The throw and tag looked VEEERY close. As in, there were some replays where it was very hard to see if he did make the tag in time. But, when the TV guys broke it down and paused it, there was enough doubt in my mind that I'll go with the umpire's call. Q's deserves more playing time when he has games like this (not that I want him playing over Castro, though).

JA Happ was also good. He didn't get through the seventh inning, but gave the bullpen some much needed relief. Brandon Lyon also picked up a save the old-fashioned way, going multiple innings and striking out three.

I don't know what to expect out of tomorrow's day game, but I know I was expecting this to be a bloodbath of a series and it hasn't been. Credit the pitchers for that.