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Random Saturday Discussion Question

I have a bad feeling about this series against the Marlins. Not because they're a particularly good team, mind you, or that the Astros are playing particularly bad right now.

No, I just can't stand the Marlins' Sun Life Stadium.

It's not based on anything in particular. Categorizing it as a "hatred" or an "annoyance" is not nearly accurate, either. I have no strong feelings against either the stadium or the Marlins as an organization. 

The problem lies in the feeling of dread I feel every time the Astros play there. The first time I noticed it was after Biggio's season-ending knee injury there in 2000. After that, it just seems like these terrible things happen every time we head to South Beach. Winning streaks end. Players get injured (Roy was hurt there multiple times, too, if I remember correctly). 

Call it the Curse of Moises Alou, but I don't like it one bit.

My question is this: do you feel the same way about Sun LIfe Stadium? Are there any other teams/stadiums in the league that you feel something similar to this dread? Am I just crazy?