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Mets Drink Red Bull, Oulast Astros 3-2 in 14 Innings

What is it with these two teams and extra-inning games? 

I blame Krissy for this one, since she started watching with me in the 14th inning. She was furious (not really) that she'd invested so much time (not really) and the team still lost. She did point out the key play, though, when Jason Castro dropped the pitch as Jose Reyes stole third.

Castro may not have been able to gun down Reyes, but he could have made the play closer if he had caught the ball. It looked like he may have taken his eyes off the ball anticipating Reyes speed, but we can't be sure. It was a defensive lapse, though, and could not have come at a worse time.

On the other side of the coin, Geoff Blum came up with a pretty clutch home run to tie the game and force extra innings. Blummer has some value and I wonder if some team will come calling for his services in the next few weeks. 

You might have forgotten about it by the time the second seventh inning stretch cropped up, but Brett Myers put up another workmanlike effort. He pitched over six innings again, striking out four and walking three. He also gave up two runs and seven hits, which were high but he still put the Astros in a position to win.

After the game, Matt Lindstrom was placed on the disabled list and Fernando Abad was recalled from Round Rock. Sounds like the back and his head both needed some rest, plus, the Astros could use some bullpen help after this marathon finally ended.