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Astros Draft Signing Day Update

Well, there isn't really an update here. I'll break down the ones most likely to sign:

3) Austin Wates -Looks like a lock to sign, has passed his physical and now it'll be all about the money. This would be a big get for the Houston farm system.

6) Adam Plutko - All signs point to him forgoing the Astros for UCLA, but I'm not sure that "trusted source" wasn't just trying to jack up the value right before the deadline. Would be surprised if he does sign.

13) Davis Duren - I have never heard a realistic reason why Duren hasn't signed yet. I opined earlier this summer it could have something to do with an injury. He has a (protected) Twitter account here, but I haven't seen anything from that. Here's a note from the Tulsa World, one of the few interviews I found with him regarding the issue:

"Obviously I'd like to get paid fairly, and if they match the number that I'm looking for, then yes, I'm going to go play," Duren said. "But if not, I'd love to come back to OSU and play another year."

19) JaCoby Jones -Don't think the Astros will pay him the 2 million it'd take to get him in the system. Good luck at LSU, kid.

21) Aaron Blair -I assume some of the Plutko money will be diverted here if/when the former doesn't sign. A two-way player will need to be bought out from his Marshall commitment, but I imagine it'll be cheaper than what Plutko wants.

22) Zach Dygert - The catcher from Ball State was made superfluous by all the catching talent in the system, but could sign if the Astros can't find a deal with Duren or Jones.