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Braves Beat Up Lindstrom, Astros In 4-2 Loss

Dear Matt Lindstrom,

Please don't suck so much. The Astros very rarely have leads. When they do, fans like me expect you to "save" them.

That's right. We want you to NOT give up runs by the bucketful in the ninth inning. However wrong-headed the notion is, we expect our ninth inning pitcher to be the best in the bullpen. We expect him (aka you) to strike people out, prevent runs and generally make sure that leads don't vanish. Hence the term "saving" a win. 

You have not been doing this.

This is frustrating to us.

Please do your job better.

That is all,

Every Astros Fan

PS Can you tell Brandon Lyon to call us. We have something to discuss with him, totally unrelated to you or your current job title.