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Reds Beat Up Astros 6-4

This looked exciting, unlike the final score
This looked exciting, unlike the final score

Race for the 2011 No. 1 Overall Draft Pick

Baltimore 30-65, --

Pittsburgh 34-64, 4.0

Arizona 37-59, 6.5

Seattle 37-59, 6.5

Houston 39-56, 9.0

That's really all I have to say about this game. I'm sorry this recap is going up so late and is not helpful at all, other than in a snarky way. Had some unexpected stuff pop up with the family tonight, causing me to drive back from Austin when I thought I could be recapping away. I'll be back in the State Capitol Saturday night for the Round Rock Express game. Anyone around Austin that goes to the game, feel free to tweet at me (@MDavidColeman). Of course, Farmstros will also be there, tweeting his 2,000 syllable in the Quest for 3,000 Syllables. I am just along for the ride, but I will get some post-game reactions from the manager and hopefully some notes on the players. Maybe Danny Meszaros will throw...