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Walk it Out: Songs of the 2010 Houston Astros

Sitting around at the local pub recently, some buddies of mine (writers of and I had a discussion that played out like this:

"Mariano Rivera really has the best Closer song of all-time.  When Dustin Pedroia hears 'Enter Sandman' don't you think he gets a little wet in his road greys?"

"Yeah but 'Shippin Up to Boston' sounds like Jonathan Papelbon is ready to go strike out the sides, or kick some teeth in during a brawl."

"Trevor Hoffman: 'Hells Bells'.  Nuff said."

"Jose Valverde during his tenure as an Astro with 'Ladies and Gentlemen'.  You knew something was about to happen.  And maybe not always bad!"

And then Ms. Alyson Footer posted a blog that broke down the walk-up songs for each of our Houston Astros.  I perused the list, snickering in some spots, shaking my head in others.  What the list lacked was meaning behind their choices.  Why exactly does Jason Michaels prefer "The Big Show" theme when he bats?  Well, I'm here to tell you Crawfish Boxes readers, I have a theory or two...

The walk-up song is supposed to give the fans a little peak into the pro's world.  What does Hunter Pence listen to to get himself pumped up?  Hint: Katy Perry.  What song makes Chris Johnson get to the dish and swing away for the RBI double?  Kelis' "Milkshake".  Felipe Paulino before he prays on the mound for a little bit of run support? Soundgarden's seminal "Rusty Cage".  Walk-up songs are your anthem.  I always said that if I was a closer, my walkout song would have to be Foo Fighter's "My Hero".  Mr. Coleman and I were in discussion to pick Matt Lindstrom's and both of us liked Muse's "Knights of Cydonia".  If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor.

Apparently amongst our starting nine, cheesy pop songs have become en vogue.  Perhaps to break out of their slump?  To stir a little chuckle from the clubhouse and the stands?  Or to say "Hey, I'm a 24 year-old guy and I like Miley Cyrus!" 

Speaking of En Vogue, now it's time for the breakdown...

Brett Myers (Miracle- Nonpoint) I'm assuming that Ed Wade chose this song, as in "It's going to take a miracle for city of Houston fans to agree with this signing").  Fortunately, it sort of worked.

Roy Oswalt (I Stand Alone- Godsmack) This song pretty much speaks for itself.  Too bad their B-Side "Hey guys, I can't throw a shut out every game" was already taken.

Brian Mohler (AC/DC- Big Gun) Not with an 85 m.p.h. fastball you aren't.


Bud Norris (Nas- Hero) Too bad this song is only applicable in St. Louis.  And not against Matt Holiday.

Tommy Manzella (Ted Nugent- Stranglehold) Pitchers got him in a stranglehold baby.

WIth that small snippet aside, what should our beloved Houston Astro's theme songs really be?  What song would really reflect them as a player, as well as provide a little bit of hype before they take the mound/plate? If I were working the booth at MMP, here's a few selections I would choose...

Roy Oswalt: NY State of Mind- Billy Joel

Carlos Lee: Money- Pink Floyd  (Can't you hear Ed Wade grind his teeth during the cash registers clanging in the intro?)

Bud Norris: Why is Everybody Always Pickin' On Me- The Bloodhound Gang

Lance Berkman: I Love LA!- Randy Newman

Minute Made Park: Big Empty- Stone Temple Pilots

Speaking of which that OAR song "This Town" on the Fox Sports Houston advertisement is starting to drive me crazy.  I feel bad for the poor editors that had to put highlight clips to that song.  It's a shame they had to use clips from seasons past to fill up the commercial.  I also can't believe that our baseball team is doing OAR a favor in helping them sell CDs.  Instead, I have a recommendation for Fox Sports.  The perfect song to sum up the Houston Astros' 2010 campaign into (fingers crossed) mediocrity:  "Everybody Hurts" by REM.