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TCB Players of the Week and Astros Stock Watch

It's that time again, to honor the Astros who have excelled at a kid's game this week.

Hitter of the Week: Jason Bourgeois - For all the hoopla surrounding Jason Castro and Chris Johnson's call-ups, Bourgeois got lost in the shuffle a bit. No longer, though, because he led the Astros in wOBA, amassing 19 plate appearances while walking three times, hitting one double and striking out three times. He also stole three bases in four attempts.

Pitcher of the Week: Wandy Rodriguez - Since we're rolling this out on a Thursday, Wandy's got a pretty impressive resume. Over two starts, he pitched 13 innings while giving up 11 hits and just one run, striking out nine and walking two. That's last year's Wandy, not the bad version from the previous two months. Let's hope this award doesn't jinx him like Stephen did Myers...

Defender of the Week: Michael Bourn - For the Milwaukee series alone, he gets this award. When he stops making jaw-dropping plays, he'll stop winning awards. McTaggart was already tweeting about him winning another Gold Glove. Is there anyone else who might knock him off?

Astros Stock Watch (Draft Edition): We're going to look at the entire draft class to see who's signed, what they signed for and how they are doing in the minors now. If they have not signed, we'll also give our thoughts on whether they will eventually sign.

No. 8) Delino DeShields, Jr., Unsigned: As I mentioned before, I think DDJ will be signed, but that the Astros don't see any urgency in getting him into the fold and on a short-season team quickly when he'll be making his position switch later.

No. 19) Mike Foltynewicz, Signed (1.35M): The big right-hander threw one inning in his big league debut with the Appalachian League's Greenville Astros, giving up one hit and no runs. He failed to strike anyone out, but also didn't walk anyone as he was held to a strict pitch count. The Astros are probably nervous about injuries cropping up for Folty like they did for Tanner Bushue last season. As a comparison, Jordan Lyles threw 54 innings for both Greeneville and Tri-City after signing in 2008.

No. 33) Mike Kvasnicka, Signed (936,000): The outfielder-turned-catcher-turned-third baseman hit a home run in his first professional game but hasn't hit much since then. He's 4 for 33 this season with a double, a home run, three RBIs and five runs scored. He's struck out nine times but has walked 10, which is a very good sign. His batting average should bounce back.

2) Vincent Velasquez, Signed (655,800): The high school right-hander hasn't made his pro debut yet, but getting him signed and away from his college commitment is a huge coup.

3) Austin Wates, Signed/Unsigned (reportedly): One of our intrepid commenters here (Subber10?) found an article about Wates signing earlier this week. No announcement from the team and he hasn't playing in a game yet, but it's good to see him under contract (possibly). Or not. A report surfaced on Twitter Wednesday that VaTech's coach is now trying to retract his comments, saying he was misquoted. Wates apparently does NOT have a deal.

4) Bobby Doran, Signed: The former Texas Tech right-hander has started three games for Tri-City, pitching 10 2/3 innings while giving up 13 hits and nine runs (six earned). He has struck out seven while walking three and given up two home runs.

5) Ben Heath, Signed: The former Penn State catcher is 7 for 26 in eight games, hitting .269/.394/.538 with two home runs and a double. One of my favorite draft picks is showing exactly why he could be the sleeper of this class.

6) Adam Plutko, Unsigned: Don't expect him to sign, especially after his college commitment (UCLA) made it to Omaha and then the CWS championship game.

7) Roberto Pena, Signed: Lead the GCL Astros in batting average, going 7 for 14 in four games. He's also hit three doubles and struck out once, but hasn't drawn a walk.

8) Jake Buchanan, Signed: Two starts and 5 1/3 innings is all Buchanan has thrown since signing. He's allowed five hits and three runs while striking out three and walking three.

9) Tommy Shirley, Signed: Shirley has been nothing short of impressive. Over two starts and six innings, he's struck out 12 and walked three while giving up four hits and no runs. Should be an interesting name to watch.

10) Evan Grills, Signed: The Canadian hurler has signed but hasn't made his pro debut yet.

11) Kyle Redinger, Signed: The prep third baseman from Pennsylvania is only the second-leading hitter on the team behind Pena. He has a .421/.522/.684 line in 19 at-bats over six games, hitting three doubles and a triple with six strikeouts, four walks and was successful on his only stolen base attempt.

12) Andrew Robinson, Signed: In five relief appearances, the former Georgia Tech pitcher has thrown 6 1/3 innings, striking out seven and walking one. He's given up eight hits and two runs (one earned) and has finished two games.

13) Davis Duren, Unsigned: Not sure what's going on here. I haven't been able to find anything about their negotiations. Maybe he's hurt?

14) Jordan Scott, Signed: The prep center fielder has yet to get his first pro hit in eight at-bats over three games.

15) Jamaine Cotton, Signed: Pitched two innings for Greeneville in two relief spots, giving up four hits and no runs while striking out two and walking one.

16) Christopher Wallace, Signed: Wallace is hitting the ball well at Greeneville, going 9 for 23 in his first seven games. He's hit one triple and three home runs while striking out eight times and walking twice.

17) Tyler Burnett, Signed: The third baseman from Middle Tennessee State is 7 for 40 with Tri-City. He's hit three doubles while walking seven times and striking out nine times. Known more for his bat than his glove, he's only made one error in 12 games.

18) Joshua Magee, Signed: The pancake aficionado is 6 for 20 in six games with two walks and five strikeouts. He's also stolen one base in two attempts.

19) Jacoby Jones, Unsigned: Likely headed to LSU. If he really did turn down over a million dollars to sign with Houston, I hope he stays four years and gets a degree from LSU. That's a lot of scratch to turn down.

20) Daniel Adamson, Signed: The former Jacksonville State center fielder leads the Valley Cats in batting average at .294. He's also hit four doubles while striking out 10 times and walked seven times. He has stolen two bases in three attempts.

21) Aaron Blair, Unsigned: The next-highest high schooler not to sign, it's hard to get a read on what Blair will do. I see him probably going to college.

22) Zachary Dygert, Unsigned: The Ball State catcher is a junior, but the way the Astros have stocked up on catchers, you'd think he may have signed. Possible injury situation?

23) Adam Bailey, Signed: The former Nebraska outfielder has been pretty good for Tri-City, going 6 for 24 in eight games. He hit a double and a home run while walking twice and striking out seven times.

24) Adam Champion, Signed: The easy joke here has been beat to death. Champion has struck out four in 3 2/3 innings for Tri-City. He's given up five hits and two runs while walking two.

25) Rodney Quintero, Unsigned: Quintero has said there is not much chance he will sign.

26) Alexander Sogard, Signed: He's posted five scoreless innings, while striking out four and walking three in four appearances for Tri-City. He's also picked up one hold.

27) Jacke Healey, Signed: UPDATE: As OremLK pointed out, Healey has signed and played in five games, going 2 for 16 with a walk and five strikeouts.

28) Jason Chowning, Signed: Couldn't sign till his team stopped playing. Didn't pitch in the College World Series, only threw 21 1/3 innings for the Sooners. May be dealing w/injury.

29) Broughan Jantz, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

30) Kellen Killsgaard, Signed: The former Stanford Cardinal has signed but hasn't made his professional debut yet.

31) Travis Blankenship, Signed: The lefty from Kansas that I have high hopes for signed quickly and has given up just one hit and no runs in 3 2/3 innings for Tri-City. He's struck out four and walked two in three appearances.

32) William Chrismon, Unsigned: High schooler is undecided. Will probably play out decision till August 15th deadline.

33) Michael Ness, Signed: The Dukie who OremLK liked has appeared in four games, throwing 4 2/3 innings while allowing three hits and one run, though it was unearned. He's also struck out three and walked one for Tri-City.

34) Ryan Cole, Signed: Former St. John's right-hander has appeared in three games for Greeneville, pitching 5 2/3 innings while allowing six hits and two runs. He's struck out five and walked none while giving up one home run. Appears the Astros may be using him in relief, but stretching him out as a possible starter next season.

35) Esteban Gomez, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

36) Ryan Halstead, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

37) Brian Streilein, Signed: In two games with Greeneville, the right-hander for Villanova has pitched 2 1/3 innings, striking out one and giving up two hits and two runs (both unearned).

38) Ryan Ford, Unsigned: High schooler said he is going to school instead of signing.

39) Krishawn Holley, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

40) Jeremiah Meiners, Signed: UPDATE: As Subber10 pointed out, Meiners has signed and is pitching for the GCL Astros. He's appeared in three games, giving up 11 hits and 101 runs (10 earned) in 1 1/3 innings. He's also struck out two and walked two.

41) Bryce Lane, Signed: Drafted as a pitcher, the Gulf Coast Community College star was switched to center field, where he's off to a 1 for 17 start. That's called "hitting like a pitcher." He's only struck out four times in seven games while walking one and stealing one base in two attempts.

42) Paul Gerrish, Signed: Has not made his pro debut yet. The former TCU pitcher made two appearances at the College World Series, throwing five innings with seven hits and four runs (three earned) while striking out six and walking two.

43) DeMarcus Henderson, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

44) Alexis Garza, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

45) Ian Vazquez, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

46) Lawrence Pardo, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

47) Joseph Carcone, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

48) Thomas Pecoraro, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.

49) Kenny Diaz, Signed: The Puerto Rico high schooler is 2 for 12 with the Dominican Summer League Astros. In four games, he has one double, two walks and two strikeouts.

50) David Donald, Unsigned: High schooler unlikely to sign at this point.