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Brian Moehler recovers to give the Astros bats and the Lethal L's a chance to down the Rockies

My options for this evening were to go out to eat with friends and then eat cake while watching the NBA finals, or watching Brian Moehler start at Coors Field at home by myself. I'll be honest, it seemed like a no brainer around 4PM today. The first inning of tonight's game validated by ploy for sweet, delicious cake. Checking in from Game Day, I was convinced that I would make it home by nine to write about another Astros loss and make some terrible allusion to the draft and greener pastures on the horizon.

As I regretted my gluttony with cake (butter cream frosting, you are my achilles heel) and the sloppy play that was the second and third quarters of Game 3, I noticed something happening slowly on my phone. Brian Moehler was getting batters out, and the Astros put two runs on the board.

Suddenly, my sugar crash dissipated at Lance Berkman was batting with RISP. As I walked in the door and fired up my computer, the game was tied and soon Carlos Lee was up 2-0 and Lance Berkman was stealing a base. The rest, played out a such:



You have to credit Moehler for recovering from his early struggles and managing to keep the Astros in the game and then the "Lethal L's" (Lopez, Lyon, and Lindstrom) for shutting down the Rockies for the last nine outs.