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Astros Call Up Castro, Bourgeois, Johnson

Well, it's about time. The Astros lost a tough extra-inning game against the Rangers when the didn't score after the second inning. After the game, Jason Castro, Chris Johnson and Jason Bourgeois were all called up from Round Rock.

To make room on the roster, Houston designated Cory Sullivan, Casey Daigle and Kevin Cash for assignment. General manager Ed Wade said Quintero's head injury Sunday did not play into Castro's promotion. But, it's a worthy supposition that Castro will be the starter from here on out. I'd like to think Johnson will also take over for Feliz, but am less sure about that.

The Astros also appear to be moving back to a 12-man pitching staff after carrying 13 for a couple weeks. With Brian Moehler lengthening out his starts, there is less immediate pressure on the bullpen. Expect Bourgeois to fill Sullivans role as the first bat off the bench.

Now, the question you are probably asking yourself: will these moves make a difference or is this just moving around deck chairs on the Titanic? My take is that these are significant. Both Castro and Johnson should provide big upgrades offensively at their respective positions. Johnson could even add some power to a pretty light-hitting lineup.

What do you think? Will these moves help the Astros immediately? Will they follow up by placing Wandy on the disabled list? Are there any other moves they can make?