Its June 1st, and I've nearly lost interest

I'm gonna say it, but there is NO WAY this team makes a "tombstone run" this season. You are what you are, and at the 1/3 mark of the season, this team is what it is. You can kick and scream all you want to about how Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee are going to rebound, about how Hunter Pence is going to "break-out", about how Wandy Rodriguez will find his curveball, and all the rest, but they need to make some SERIOUS CHANGES.

1.) Roy Oswalt NEEDS to be traded this month: I love Roy O. He's been one of my favorite pitchers in the game since I first saw him pitch back in 2001. The guy competes, has fire and wants to win. Who can blame him? He's been to the World Series and he's been in some incredible games. And based on what he's shown so far this season, he could go to a team like the Dodgers and be their Ace RIGHT NOW. The longer we wait though, the less value our Ace pitcher will have, so get him out of here before the break and bring in the prospects.

2.) Promote Chris Johnson: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I don't care if he hits .220. Heck, that'll be better than Pedro Feliz has been so far this year. Out with the old, and in with the new. Remember when Pence came up? It was a breath of fresh air. There were so many "Pro Hunter Pence" Facebook groups out there that it was bordering on ridiculous. Bring up our most "MLB ready" prospect already.

3.) Fire Sale: Pittsburgh did this last season, and I really feel like we need to do so this year as well. Deal some of the vets off this team, even if it means picking up an "average" prospect. It looks like Bourn, Pence, Lindstrom, Lyon and Keppinger are our "untouchables" on the big club right now. Everyone else, (even Lance) can and should be had if the price is right.

4.) Bench Carlos Lee: This one hurts a bunch because our fattest paycheck has become our fattest nuisance in the lineup. Carlos has regressed TREMENDOUSLY this season. Until he shows up, why not just bench him and bring up one of our hot hitters in AAA and play him regularly.

Otherwise, lets hope Castro's as good as advertised.