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Carlos Lee Actively Trying to Prove Me Wrong

I don't like it. I really don't. See, you may remember a certain article I wrote during spring training? One that involved a certain outfielder going to a certain place in upstate New York?

Because of his consistency at the plate and aging patterns for statistically similar players, I figured he'd play at least five more seasons at a relatively high level. What does he do?

He hits below the Mendoza Line for April. He doesn't hit his first home run until last Wednesday. He plays horrible defense in left field. Basically, he does everything in his power to make me look bad. At least it's not just me. Zach Levine recently opined that Lee wouldn't break 100 RBIs this season. All he's done since then is pick up three RBIs in two games. It doesn't feel so good, does it Mr. Levine?

Now, he tells Bernardo Fallas, Brian McTaggart and anyone else who would listen that he's thinking of retiring after the 2012 season. That could just be because he thinks the world is ending with the Mayan calendar, but I tend to think of it as a personal affront. What, he couldn't play another couple of years? Is that so hard?

With the way this Astros team has been playing, I couldn't blame him for thinking about retirement. He's already got more money than most of us will ever see. He's got a ranch he enjoys. Why would he want to get beat up and yelled at by fans during a slump. Is this just a reaction to the overwhelming emotion of his slow start?

I don't know the answers to any of that.* What I do know is Carlos Lee made me look bad. I'll remember that, Carlos, once I get my Hall of Fame vote in 20 years.

*I do suspect that two years is a long time. Lee will have plenty of opportunities to change his mind and forget these interviews ever happened.