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Carlos Lee and the Astros' streaks end in a single swing: Diamond Backs 2 - Astros 4

This one had the feel of a disappointment written all over it through the latter innings. Perhaps it's just because in a low scoring affair I just expect the Astros' pitchers to get screwed. Perhaps it is also because I thought about rephrasing that as I should expect the Astros' pitchers to get screwed.

Of course, the night also had the feel of anything is possible given that Tommy Manzella managed to launch his first career HR. Adding to  "the baseball gods must be helping us" vibe was Michael Bourn's highlight reel-worthy catch while slipping.

There was defintely change in my psyche in the ninth inning, though. First, Mills brought in Lindstrom to pitch the ninth- something that I liked in that situation. Then Lindstrom instigated an absolutely heady double play to get out of the inning. Then Carlos Lee came to bat in a situation in which a part of me wondered whether Mills should have been calling from him to sacrifice Matsui into scoring position for Berkman. Finally, 154 AB later, this happened:



Credit Brett Myers for tossing strong innings, striking out seven, but also needing 122 pitches to do so. I am curious to see if there is a spill over effect into his next outing from the pitch count, and to see what his velocity graph looked like, too. Lyon took over the eight and it went so quickly I honestly didn't even catch his frame because I was up getting milk and eating fresh out of the oven cookies.

Tonight's victory is nice because it keeps the losing streak stuck at eight and Astros victories feel like they will be rare treats this year. But there wasn't any indication that the offense was going to start clicking, thus no reason to believe the corner has been turned. It was enjoyable, but not assuaging. So, with out further adieu I present tonight's song of the day, a h/t to my dad (I'm standing in for Evan who is out celebrating finish his law school career- Congrats, amigo):

Dock Ellis might also get a kick out of this.