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Another Blowout, Astros Lose 14-4

This is getting ugly. For the third time in four games, the Astros gave up over 0 runs. This time, it was a nine-run 7th inning that caused all the problems.

Roy Oswalt getting ejected in the third didn't help. He seemed to complain about a strike call, especially after giving up a three-run double to Adam Dunn. Then a parade of relievers came into the game, to varying degrees of success. Chris Sampson was the biggest culprit, showing more evidence that he might be injured.

I would like to talk about Gustavo Chacin hitting a home run for his first major league hit or that Pedro Feliz had two hits after taking time off to work on his swing. But, those seem hollow victories in the face of these soul-crushing losses. This team should be better, could be better but is pretty bad right now. I have nothing left to say.