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TCB Goes to the Ballpark Scheduled

At long last, we have a date set for The Crawfish Boxes' trip to Minute Maid Park.

Mark it down on your calendars. June 19th against the Texas Rangers. It's a 6:05 p.m. start time and over the next month, we can finalize details about if we want to meet up beforehand, etc. The Astros will be providing us with a link and discount code on the tickets (which are up on the View Deck), which I'll post as soon as they send it to me.

I know Evan, Stephen and I are looking forward to meeting some of you IRL. Any ideas on what we should do when we're there? Should we make some sort of banner mocking Ron Washington? Who can make it then? Who's willing to run down on the field and get tased for all of our amusement? I'm already excited about this and it's a month away!

As an added bonus, it's Nolan Ryan Bobblehead night. So, we'll have to show up early to get a crack at this beauty.