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Sunday Astros discussion and news

I would have never guessed it was possible for him to move like this.
I would have never guessed it was possible for him to move like this.

If you are like me, then you're still reeling from the soul-crushing disappointment that was Kaz Matsui's fly ball to left fielding at the end of his fifteen pitch at bat against Brian Wilson. At the very least, Wilson is not going to be available to go unless Bruce Bochy is taking a page out of Cecil Cooper's play book.

Regadless of the state of our souls, there is something I've been curious about recently and have wanted to query you, the reader. Attendance at Astros games are down this year. Now, that could be for a number of factors entirely unrelated to the dismal on field package and outrageous concession prices (things like continually lagging unemployment, mere nominal changes in actual consumer consumption, etc.). However, I imagine that whatever the state of the related variables, the fact that the Astros have played such terrible baseball to start 2010 has been a large determinant as to whether households will choose to spend their money on Astros baseball.

What I also imagine, is that we here at TCB are not the average fan, or for that matter, the average household. Our reservation price for Astros baseball is likely much higher than that of the average Houstonian, but I don't know how it is that we behave. I, for one, am not in Houston, so I can't shell out for Astros baseball. When I am home this summer for about a month, I will probably see at least two games in that time span (not counting that soon to be announced date for TCB at the ball park). But I want to know if my proclivity for seeing games in person relative to my disposable income rings true.

So, before the fold I want t ask you about your Minute Maid Park excusions because I want to know if we're better consumers of Astros baseball the average bear fan. After the fold are some news and notes to for perusing pleasure.

  • Part of me wonders whether Carlos Lee is loosing it. Two dust ups in as many days is a little much. Perhaps his complete and utter offensive ineptitude is actually getting to his overpaid, voluptuous self.
  • I loved all the hype surrounding Roy Oswalt's trade demands this week. Or as we call it, the things Roy Oswalt has been saying for the last two years. Muckraking rumor mongering from the national media aside, Bernado Fallas did get this quote from Ed Wade, which is unlike any Ed Wade reaction to talk of trading a star player before:
  • "If at some point we decide that we have to go in a different direction, we'll address it at that point," Wade said of Oswalt's situation.

    That is not exactly the champion spirit company line. Do we read anything into it?
  • It wasn't until this morning that I had a chance to really go through the Astros folder in Google Reader. When I did, though, I came across this piece by Fallas on Bud Norris' arm slot. Apparently he and Arnsberg have made some tweaks to his arm slot (among other changes) and that's what made the difference. What I am curious about is if this something that Norris, Mills, and Arnsberg say after the fact to look like geniuses, or actually something they worked on to make happen.
  • Finally, Craig Biggio never did get a World Series ring, but I have to wonder if he's more proud of the ring he'll wear for coaching St. Thomas to the TAAPS 5A state championship or his NLCS ring?