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Astros Trade Value: May Version

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In doing some research for a more comprehensive Lance Berkman trade story, I've been looking at some of the current Astros relative trade value. It seemed like a good discussion-starter, so I thought I'd throw it out there today. The following list shows the player, the trade value, average WAR over the length of the contract and whether or not I think the Astros could get more or less for them.

1) Roy Oswalt - 19.8 TV, 4.5 WAR, More than TV

2) Lance Berkman - 0.6 TV, 3.0 WAR, Less than TV

3) Michael Bourn - 33.8 TV, 4.0 WAR, Even

4) Hunter Pence - 24.6 TV, 3.5 WAR, Less than TV

5) Brett Myers - 17.6 TV, 4.0 WAR, Even

6) Wandy Rodriguez - 14 TV, 3.0 WAR, Even

7) Carlos Lee - negative-16 TV, 3.0 WAR, Less than TV

8) Jeff Keppinger - 8.6 TV, 1.0 WAR, Less than TV

9) Kaz Matsui - negative-2.6 TV, 0.5 WAR, Less than TV

The one you might be most surprised by? Lance Berkman clocking in at only 0.6 million in trade value. That's largely due to reduced WAR projections this season due to the knee injury. I also factored in his and Roy's options as part of the TV. Without those, their value likely spikes a bit. For Myers, on the other hand, I did not include his option.

What do you think? Pretty fair assessment of their relative worth? Anyone you were surprised at? Anyone you now want to shop?