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Two games, two losses: Giants shutout Astros, 3-0

Can we please press the reset button? Or maybe the cartridge for this Astros team needs to be blown on a couple times to get the dust out. That way our bats could get going, and our pitching staff would stop giving up three run innings...and...and.....

Enough with the analogies. I'll save them for another time. The fact of the matter is, the Astros offense has performed just as poorly through 1/81st of the season as we all feared. I don't know how to articulate how I felt watching tonight's game. For one thing, I had only Gameday to keep me updated on the proceedings. I know Barry Zito isn't a bad pitcher, but he isn't a great pitcher either. Hitters like Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence should not be going 0/8 against him. Jeff Keppinger has a pulse, but that's about all.

I don't know enough about the mentality of a baseball team, but this Astros team seems to already be pressing. As of right now, it seems as if there are no bright spots on the horizon. For one, Matt Cain starts tomorrow afternoon against Brett Myers. The ballpark will most likely be quiet, perhaps mimicking our offensive output over the first couple games. Jumping to conclusions isn't something we should be doing at this point...but yet, it almost feels right.

The Giants did not collect an extra base hit today, have one true power threat, and had the most overpaid pitcher in baseball on the mound. Still, they performed more than well enough to beat the Astros, who at this stage appear to be over-matched. Sample size is king in baseball, but the underpinnings of a stressful, gnaw at your patience sort of 2010 season are already apparent if you ask me.

At this point in my life I've learned that people don't change, for good and bad. The same goes for ballplayers. Brad Mills may be a positive clubhouse guy, miles away from the sort of influence Cecil Cooper brought to the mix. Without Lance Berkman solidifying this offense, I can see no way that this team competes on a night in, night out basis. There are too many holes, too few walks and too little time for this unit to pull it together.

Obviously, I'm extremely frustrated. Let me sleep on this and maybe I'll sing a different tune tomorrow. As I said earlier, Matt Cain starts for the visiting Giants who seek to sweep the homestanding Astros. Brett Myers: stop the bleeding.

'Ol Blue Eyes, take us home: