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Reds vs. Astros Post Game Thread

Bud, Bud, Bud...
Bud, Bud, Bud...

I'll level with everyone. I have a final in the morning. As long as I'm actually tired, I'm going to get to bed. As of now, it's 6-2 Reds in the top of the ninth. We have lost, 6-2.

The top four hitters in the Reds' lineup have one hit, and Joey Votto just got it. Their bottom five hitters have seven hits. It' just been an odd game. Sammy Gervacio returned and allowed a run to score via a balk. Bud Norris did his best Houdini act until the sixth inning when three runs scored off him after he left. Our poor team LOB% lives on.

Offensively, eight hits isn't terrible, but a ton of our runners have been left on. Michael Bourn is ridiculous right now. Jeff Keppinger has really cooled off. Does that Mean Kaz Matsui gets to play baseball again?? I hope not.

Well, here's to Felipe getting on track and me not failing finals.