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Let it all out: Astros now 0-7, Time for some TCB React!


Ladies of Gentlemen of the Crawfish Boxes universe, I type before you today an exasperated, frustrated, angry individual. Our Astros, well, they lost. The Cardinals showed again why they are the class of the NL Central. I'm going to list of grievances with all you because, well, I can. I realize that a lot of you come here for some sort of objective analysis that stays away from the emotional and subjective, but I can't offer that on this afternoon. So here goes:

  • Of all of these games so far, our opponent has never done anything to let us into a game. Yea, yea, Roy Halladay had that error but that's Roy Halladay and nobody really thought the Astros would be able to take advantage of his mistake. From Lincecum, Zito, Cain, Happ, Halladay to Wainwright. Opposing starters have tossed strikes with impunity, giving the Astros offense no choice but to fall behind in counts and suffer the consequences.
  • Hunter Pence looks terrible. He's 27, rolls over to third base too often, looks off kilter much of the time and is not worth signing to an extension at this point. No, I don't care if the sample size this season is way too small to judge. I just don't care. He is what he is. .820 OPS maybe, and a great arm. Send in the clowns.
  • Geoff Blum bats fifth for a major league baseball team. It's our own! 
  • About the only good thing about the first seven games of the season is that the games themselves are being played rather quickly. Mostly because half of the teams in whatever game is played can't hit for beans. That half is also our team!
  • The Strike Zone. I watch a lot of games on MLB Gameday, so I can see the strike zone pretty well. Does it not seem like the zone is awfully small this season? That pitchers are getting pinched?? Take a look at the boxscores before you go to bed at night. Keep track of the percentage of games where the teams score above five runs. Unless I'm crazy (which I may very well be), the Astros are going to bear the brunt of this trend if indeed it is a trend. Offense makes a resurgence in 2010 says I. Just not for our Astros.

Please add something insightful, readers. I can't manage to today. I've been impressed thus far with your fair interpretations in the comments sections. I don't know if you're writing intelligent things in the comments but spouting off to houseplants during the games, but either way I admire all of your willingness to not go crazy with each loss.