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ST Game No. 29: Houston Astros at Detroit Tigers

Grapefruit League record (thankfully over): 14-12-1

Today's starters: RHP Casey Daigle  vs. LHP Ryan Ketchner

Jeff Fulchino, Matt LIndstrom, Brandon Lyon and Tim Byrdak are also scheduled to pitch.

Lineups, per Footer,

1) Michael Bourn, CF

2) Tommy Manzella, SS

3) Jason Michaels, RF

4) Carlos Lee, DH

5) Pedro Feliz, 1B

6) Chris Johnson, 3B

7) Kaz Matsui, 2B

8) J.R. Towles, C

9) Jason Bourgeois, LF

Minor leaguers Jay Austin and Jhonny Florentino are also on the bench for this game. Neither has made it into a spring game yet.

Listen to the game here. If you are in the Houston area, you can listen to the game on 790 KBME.