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TCB Fantasy League Update

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It's been a few days and we've gotten the TCB Fantasy Baseball League up and running. Here is the list of owners:

1) David Coleman (that's me)

2) Evan Hochschild

3) Stephen Higdon

4) timmy!

5) hayzer13

6) HornsNation

7) BryanTSC

8) Robertpz

9) astrosfanforever

10) Lancealot

11) Nathan

12) My wife, Krissy

Three of the owners haven't confirmed their teams yet. If you didn't get into the league and would like to, please send me an email. I'd like a couple of backup owners in place to act as replacements if we still do not have the teams confirmed by Thursday.

Yes, my wife is one of the owners. It's not the first time she's played fantasy sports; I got her into fantasy football shortly after we started dating. She's also quite the big-talker, so she should be fun for some creative trash talking. I just hope I don't lose to her in such a public forum. That'd be too much like the Sports Guy for my tastes.

Team names will also be forthcoming.

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