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ST Game No. 1: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals

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We don't have the 'official' game threads for spring training, but we did want to put up a post where you can talk about the games. These won't have quite the same level of information as the regular season threads, but hopefully they'll generate a bit of discussion.

Today's starters are RHP Brett Myers and RHP Garrett Mock. The Astros will also play a split-squad game, which will be started by Felipe Paulino.

Per an Alyson Footer TwitPic, here are the slated pitchers, with IP, for the Astros:

  1. Brett Myers - 2IP
  2. Alberto Arias - 1IP
  3. Chris Sampson - 1IP
  4. Sammy Gervacio - 1IP
  5. Garry Majewski - 1IP
  6. Corcoran - 1IP
  7. Wesley Wright - 1IP
  8. Casey Daigle - 1IP
  9. Chacin
From yet another Footer TwitPic, here is the slated lineup:
  1. Michael Bourn
  2. Kaz Matsui
  3. Hunter Pence
  4. Geoff Blum
  5. Pedro Feliz
  6. Jason Castro (DH)
  7. Jason Michaels
  8. J.R. Towles
  9. Tommy Manzella

A quick note for those that are interested. There will be six spring training games broadcast on TV this season. MLB Network will carry games on March 9th at the New York Mets, March 18th at Detroit, March 31st at Atlanta and April 3rd vs. Toronto from MMP. Fox Sports Houston will carry two more games on March 20th against the New York Yankees and March 22nd against St. Louis. FSN will also carry feeds for the March 18th and April 3rd games if you don't get MLB Network. In addition, MLB Network will be airing its 30 clubs, 30 days piece on the Astros on March 15th at 8 p.m. CST.