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The Official Astros Spring Open Thread

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UPDATE: To make things easier, I created a Google Form to take your responses. That way, you can be anonymous with your praise and criticism.

I'd like to get some information from you guys and gals out there in Readerland. We posted a poll back around Christmas looking for ideas on what you wanted to see here on TCB. We've tried to put out that kind of content since then, adding things like the minor league feature and doing more player features, etc. One of the things I'd like to do here is for you to tell us what you'd like to see, if we post enough new content, what you'd like to see during the season and what you might like to get out of the game threads and recaps starting Opening Day.

This last one is important to me, since it'll be my first rodeo doing game recaps. What do you want to see in these? Between stories on the Chronicle, and sites like ESPN, there are plenty of places you can get straight recaps. Is there anything different we should add (besides the outrage/joy of a fan)?

Also, there's just about a week left to come up with a great T-shirt idea for my trip to St. Louis next month. Here's a refresher on the contest:

I'm going to a Cards-Astros game in St. Louis in April. Let's have a little contest until the end of March to see who can come up with the best t-shirt idea mocking St. Louis. I will then wear the shirt to the game, take plenty of pictures and hopefully not get beat up by angry Cards fans. The winner will also get a free shirt of their choosing from the store.

The last thing we wanted to cover is Opening Day. Some people earlier this week expressed interest in having a thread for fans who will be going to the Roy Oswalt/Tim Lincecum matchup. Feel free to talk about it here if you are going. We'll post another one of these open threads next week too if you're still finalizing plans.

We're still working on getting a date together for TCB's Day at the Ballpark. Once we know more about when it will be, we'll let you know. All the writers here have said it before, but thanks to everyone on here for making this a such a good community for Astros fans.