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ST Game No. 21: Houston Astros at New York Mets

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Grapefruit League record (you know the drill): 11-8

Today's starters: RHP Casey Daigle vs.

Also scheduled to pitch are Jeff Fulchino, Matt Lindstrom and Tim Byrdak. Wesley Wright was supposed to pitch yesterday, but was scratched due to illness. He's also on the lineup card to pitch today.

Lineups, per Footer's TwitPic:

1) Cory Sullivan, CF

2) Jeff Keppinger, SS

3) Hunter Pence, RF

4) El Bufalo, LF

5) Geoff Blum, 1B

6) Chris Johnson, 3B

7) Jason Castro, C

8) Edwin Maysonet, 2B

9) Casey Daigle, P

This is interesting for one reason: Mills seems to be building his middle infield decisions. Today, he switches Kepp and Maysonet to get a feel for how the two play on opposite sides of the bag. We'll see if Kepp can play as well as Blum did in his shortstop test. It's also the third straight different catcher and shortstop he's started. I don't think I paid close enough attention to previous springs under different managers to know whether this is a trend unique to Mills or something that everyone does. It seems pretty fair, though.

Listen and watch the game here. If you are in the Houston area, you can watch the game on Fox Sport Houston or listen to it on 790 KBME.