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ST Game No. 13: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals

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Grapefruit League record (thought meaningless): 6-6

Today's starters: LHP Wandy Rodriguez vs. RHP Jason Marquis

Other pitchers scheduled for today are Tim Byrdak, Gustavo Chacin, Roy Corcoran and Wilton Lopez.

Lineups for today, courtesy of Zach Levine's Twitter:

1) Michael Bourn, CF

2) Kazuo Matsui, 2B

3) Hunter Pence, RF

4) Carlos Lee, LF

5) Chris Shelton, 1B

6) Chris Johnson, 3B

7) Tommy Manzella, SS

8) Humberto Quintero, C

9) Wandy Rodriguez, P

Listen to the game here. If you are in the Houston area, you can listen to the game on 790 KBME.