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Astros thank their lucky stars: Lance Berkman will begin his 2-4 week rehab today

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I don't think I've ever in my life woke up and frantically checked Twitter, but I did this morning.  I needed to know how Lance Berkman was.  Skipping through the mass of emails, etc. on my Blackberry I quickly located the following and shouted with glee:

...David Crumbie removed loose cartiage debris and did NOT see any sign of ligament or meniscus damage. Lance will begin rehab today...

So let's all pause today and thank the god's of baseball/knee-innards for our good fortune.  Without the good grace which they have bestowed upon us, we'd be looking at two weeks of Geoff Blum as our starting 1B.  In a season which we're hoping that all the cards are dealt favorably to the Astros, that'd be like drawing a seven/two off-suit start.

Ok. I'm getting back to my NY vacation.