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ST Game No. 9: Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays

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Lance Berkman will have to undergo surgery to clean out debris in his left knee.  The debris are apparently from the contusion he suffered at the start of camp and the surgery cannot be performed until a rash on the knee heels (from sliding into base).  

Ed Wade is on record stating that he expects a 2-4 week recovery period, but that claim is later qualified with a "we don't really know" statement later on in the story.  Apparenlty Dr. Linter can't tell how much junk he has to clean out of the knee until he gets in there.

To comfort ourselves in this hour of crisis, rest assured that should Berkman miss the start of the season, the fort will be masterfully held down by none other than Geoff Blum.

Grapefruit League Record for 2010 (which is meaningless anyway): 3-4

There's a distinct chance today's game gets rained out too. The Astros do have a split squad game on Saturday, so hopefully they'll be able to play then. We'll try to keep you updated on what's going on today.