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TCB T-Shirt Contest Update


It's been a week now, and the design ideas for new additions to The Crawfish Boxes store have been pretty classic. The leaders in the clubhouse?

- Bud Norris Facts:

"Bud Norris once struck out two Cardinals with one pitch"

"Bud Norris once struck out a Cardinal from Tal's Hill"


We need some more options for the list, but it has the most promise right now. Here's my offer from last week:

I'm going to a Cards-Astros game in St. Louis in April. Let's have a little contest until the end of March to see who can come up with the best t-shirt idea mocking St. Louis. I will then wear the shirt to the game, take plenty of pictures and hopefully not get beat up by angry Cards fans. The winner will also get a free shirt of their choosing from the stor.

We've still got some time, but I'll keep updating this each week to show who the leader is. Also, go check out the store to see our newest design, right from the mind of DQ. 'In Bobby Heck We Trust'