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The Crawfish Boxes Store Is Open


I know what you're thinking. You're about to set off for Spring Training in Kissimmee and you're not sure what to wear. I mean, everyone else will be in Astros shirts, jerseys, etc. What options are left for you, that will make you stand out, that will make Lance Berkman walk over and be your friend?

Look no further than the grand opening of the new TCB Online Store. Follow this link to find all the Crawfish Boxes-related merchandise you could ask for. My personal favorite is the "Really?" shirt, just like the players wore last season in the clubhouse to protest Cecil Cooper. You'll also get a sneak peek at a new logo design for TCB that hopefully makes the shirts much cooler.

The best part? This is an ongoing, community effort to stock the thing. The staff here came up with ideas for these first shirts, but the sky's the limit. Anything you would want to see on a t-shirt, post it in this thread or send us an email and we can get the design worked in. That includes any shirts making fun of the Cubs and Cardinals, by the way. Creative ideas* for those are highly encouraged.

*The only restriction here is you can't use team logos past or present. Team nicknames, such as "Astros", "Cubs" and "Brewers" are registered trademarks of the team, so they're off limits. Other than that, you have poetic license galore.

In fact, I'll up the offer. I'm going to a Cards-Astros game in St. Louis in April. Let's have a little contest until the end of March to see who can come up with the best t-shirt idea mocking St. Louis. I will then wear the shirt to the game, take plenty of pictures and hopefully not get beat up by angry Cards fans. The winner will also get a free shirt of their choosing from the store. Sound good?