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TCB Community Projections #3: Pence and Myers

First up, a quick update on where the projections ended up for Roy, Lance, Wandy and Michael:

Lance Berkman: 613 PA, .295/.409/.533, 8 SB, 66 SB%

Michael Bourn: 625 PA, .272/.345/.388, 59 SB, 83 SB%

Roy Oswalt: 3.71 ERA, 191 IP, 142 K, 42 BB, 18 HR

Wandy Rodriguez: 3.50 ERA, 193 IP, 179 K, 59 BB, 21 HR

Any surprises at how things shook out? If they all end up close to those projections, the top of the roster will be doing its job.

Next up, Hunter Pence and Brett Myers. We've had a ton of content so far this week, so we're pushing back this schedule some. Wednesday is the first round. Friday you'll get two more. Get to projecting.