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TCB Community Projection #2: Wandy Rodriguez & Michael Bourn

Just a reminder, there's still time to make your projections for Oswalt and Berkman here.

Feel free to add whatever numbers or forecasts you'd like. So we have something to compare, for hitters let's include total plate appearances, a slash line, stolen bases and SB percentage and extra-base hits. For pitchers, let's go with total innings, ERA/FIP (whichever you'd prefer), strikeouts, walks and home runs allowed. Outside of that, you can put in whatever you'd like.

Next up in our little projection project is Wandy Rodriguez and Michael Bourn.

Sidenote: Do we have a good nickname for Bourn yet? He has none listed on BR, I don't remember hearing any catchy ones on TV or the radio last season. Heck, even Milo really hasn't given him one. We need to rectify this, TCBers. Go to work.