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Astros take two RH pitchers in the Rule 5 Draft

The Astros took Aneury Rodriguez as their first pick in the Rule 5 Draft.  I included his profile in my first article on Rule 5 draft ideas.  Rodriguez had a decent year as a starting pitcher in AAA for the Rays.  And "decent" looks even better when you consider that he was only 22 years old.  I can see the Astros gambling on the possibility that he competes for a rotation spot.  If he shows well but can't beat out the competition, perhaps he becomes a bullpen option.  He was the prospect traded to the Rays by the Rockies last year.  His velocity has declined since the trade, which may be why he was exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. 

The Astros took 27 year old Yankees RH minor leaguer Lance Pendleton as a second pick.  He pitched well in AA last year, but didn't pitch as well in limited innings when he was moved up to AAA.  I am guessing that he is a longer shot for making the team.  He is a local guy who was drafted out of Rice after pitching for Kingwood HS.  He suffered a ligament injury after his first season in the minors and underwent Tommy John surgery.  After a year off, he has been moving back up through the Yankees' system.  He has both relief and starting experience.  When he was drafted in the 5th round in 2005, he was called a "power arm."  I'm not sure what his post-surgery velocity has been.

The Astros only had one player taken in the AAA draft and none in the major league draft. Jeiler Castillo, a 22 year old RHP, was taken by Oakland in the AAA draft.