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Super Sunday Links 19 Dec 2010

While you were wondering where some yummy links were for devouring last week I was on vacation, enjoying some time to myself. To make up for it I present a link that looks at the possible downfall of our red bird nemesis.

Hall of Fame

Joe Posnanski » Posts The Greatest Player Not in the Hall «
A wonderful article about Cubs great Ron Santo.

Pat Gillick makes Hall better - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Rob Neyer's take on Pat Gillick's election to the Hall of Fame.

2011 Hall of Fame Ballot: Position Players
Very cool graph by Adam Darowski at Beyond the Boxscore


Hot Stove

The Train Wreck of 2006 | FanGraphs Baseball
A look back at some of the signings from the 2006 offseason. A certain left fielder makes an appearance.

Joe Blogs: The Expendable Brendan Ryan
Could we be seeing the impending downfall of the St. Louis Cardinals?

Astros Add Rotation Options | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs gives the new rotation acquisitions a little love.



Brewers Acquire Zack Greinke: MLB Rumors -
Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Mr. Greinke this season.