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Jose Reyes for Hunter Pence? Throwing Spagetti On the Astros Wall

As I mentioned in the comments to my story yesterday on Edgar Renteria, I wrote that piece less to advocate actually signing him (which I do think would be a bad idea), and more to just throw an idea out for discussion. How bad would a Renteria signing be? Someone then brought up Pedro Feliz and that analogy fit so well, I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it the night before. Of course, that could be because doctors removed the section of my brain with information of his time with the Astros.

At any rate, what I think I'm going to do at various times this week is post these short stories with a crazy idea for the Astros offseason plans, one that could improve the club or just shore up a weak area. Your job is to react to that idea. The more virulent you are, the crazier I'll know I was when I dreamt it up. Like the title suggests, I want to just throw some stuff against the wall and let you tell me what sticks.

First up? What if the Astros traded Hunter Pence for Jose Reyes?

The Mets do have need for someone in right field. Pence could also help Carlos Beltran out by covering more ground in that spacious outfield. Reyes had a decent year bouncing back from his injury, but his WAR total was just shy of Pence's. Of course, from 2006 through 2008, Reyes posted WARs over 5.5 in each season. Pence has never posted a WAR over 4.1. Plus, Reyes plays a premium defensive position, while Pence could be replaced more easily.

So, why do the Mets do this deal? This would be all about the money. Pence would be under team control for another three seasons, while Reyes will be a free agent after the season. He also figures to command a hefty pay day, whereas Pence's next contract will probably be more down to earth. The new management team Sandy Alderson is assembling will no doubt want a little bit of value out of Reyes, and it's easier to replace your shortstop in the offseason rather than at the deadline.

That's all pretty thin logic though. The Astros would be giving up a fan favorite for a player they'd immediately have to sign to a huge contract. Plus, there is no guarantee he'd go back to being that 5.5 WAR guy in coming seasons. Pence is never going to be a superstar, but he will be a very solid player in the lineup for many years. Is it worth taking a risk on him? Would it make more sense to build a trade around Wandy?